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Costume renting

For all those who don´t wear costume regularly or those with an already bursting wardrobe, our rental department "Tracht in Pacht" offers the possibility to dress for a certain occasion: from cotton Dirndl to festive costume for the lady, from a simple jacket to a festive suit for the gentleman.

In both our shops, (Opens internal link in current windowVienna and Opens internal link in current windowSeewalchen), you can rent costumes for a deposit in the amount of the item´s value.
You can choose between new and previously rented (and of course cleaned) models. For new items the rent amounts to 30% of the new price, for previously worn items to 20%.

The rental period is generally 3 days, in exceptional cases other agreements can be made.

If possible, it is better not to come at the last minute, in case changes have to be made.

The cleaning of the clothes is our responsibility.

For more information please contact our shop in Vienna, , Schottengasse 3a, 1010 Opens internal link in current windowVienna.